A decision is something you choose, an emotion is something you feel. You don’t feel disciplined, you are disciplined, as it was your choice to be, and as a result, you feel something for making that decision. It’s easier said than done, but exercise is easier done than said. I could write about different exercises in each newsletter but enough people already do this, its what’s underlying all this that’s important first. 

“Oh but I don’t need to take it this seriously, I just want to lose a couple pounds” If you can do it then great, go and lose a couple pounds. But what if you don’t do it? Or what if you do? But then you put it back on again, a couple weeks later. My point here is that you don’t fix a car engine by giving the car a paint job.

Forget trying to be dedicated as there are decisive layers underneath this. Dedication is born out of discipline and patience, and forget patience, as this is born out of discipline. You need it in abundance, but it can only come from you.

What is discipline?

When you decide that you are going to exercise before work in the mornings and wake up after having a bad sleep. It’s the pain and loneliness of deciding to go for it anyway, even though the circumstances aren’t ideal. If you’re going to be disciplined you have to accept you’re going to feel alone at some point, because know-one else can do it for you. This is hard, I understand that. When its winter time, dark and cold outside, you’re nice and warm in bed, and you planned on exercising. The thought of that makes most people sick, it takes courage. Being courageous isn’t about being fearless, being courageous is about being fearful, but doing it anyway. At least that’s what it always meant to me.

If your goal is fat loss, then it is your diet you should sort out, as fitness isn’t all that effective for losing fat. The exercise is a supplementation, so it may as well be fun right? Yes and no. Fitness is better for fat loss psychologically than it is physically because it encourages better diet choices, and if your not exercising consistently, you don’t have this regular boost of motivation to eat better.

If you train regularly, by nature, you will want to eat healthily, but if you don’t train regularly, by nature, you may not be as bothered about what you eat.

Again, I don’t want to paint the wrong picture here and say you shouldn’t have fun exercising! But if your not in the mood and only want to go when you think it will be fun, well, you cant always have your cake and eat it that’s all I’m saying!

What I often see is that the faster a person tries to get to their goals, the longer it takes to get there, if ever. But taking your time with it is commonly the quickest way to get there. Whether you are patient or not, even pretending to be patient can bring about authentic patience.

So that’s the end of this 3 part series. You are more than welcome to send me an email with any questions, I’ve spent years experimenting with training and diet so you would be wise to learn from my mistakes than make them yourself.

Until next time

Like a stone sculpture chips away, it’s not so much about adding, but merely taking away what is useless in a person’s life.