What I Do

I offer Personal Training to anyone interested in developing physically and mentally. I provide one on one, one on two and group training sessions.

Where I Do It

I deliver Personal Training in 4 different ways. Online: You can be at home, at the office, in the gym, on holiday, wherever you like, as long as you have a device and internet connection. Outdoors: In some of the wonderful parks in Edinburgh such as The Meadows, Calton Hill, The Braids, in and around the streets and more. Your Home: If you have space. At ‘The Gym’: In Waterloo Place Edinburgh.

When We Do It

The time of day normally depends on you but can be done before, during or after work hours. I tend to have two days off each week.

Why We Do It

People tend to have different reasons to get Personal Training. Some people need encouragement, accountability and discipline. For some its education, to learn how to train in a more effective and efficient way. And some people just like having me there to push them further than they can push themselves.

How We Do It



Kinetic Chain Release






Pre/Post Natal