M.R – Musician

“Pascal has a blatantly thorough knowledge of fitness which he explains and demonstrates both clearly and clinically. I’ve had a number of previous personal instructors who would only tend to flaunt verbatim answers and enjoy talking about the completely unnecessary, rather than getting down to basics and creating a helpful, enjoyable and totally self tailored service. Pascal listened to what I wanted to achieve and through a series of challenges, exercises, questions and his own experience, gave me a workout which is totally effective and designed to push me, but not turn me off!

What I like about Pascal’s approach is the fact he won’t just stick to the one plan. If something doesn’t work within my program he will adapt with the situation and find a solution which will help me to get myself to the next stage of my goal. He’s certainly the most genuine PT I’ve worked with!”


M.S – Support worker

“Three months ago I started getting personal training sessions with Pascal. Although I was already fairly fit, I was pretty bored with my routine, which consisted of hours and hours on the treadmill, as well as the odd dubbing with light weights. This had been my regular programme for many a year now.
I needed motivation, renewed enthusiasm, and breaking my ever so dull, sometimes useless routine!
And this is when Pascal came in and gave me all I needed to start enjoying exercise again!
Playing at it doesn’t bring anything. You need sheer hard work and the discipline to go out there and allow yourself to be put through your paces.
Pascal pushes me hard and when the going gets tough, I well know that all his encouragement, dedication and meticulous hard work at preparing the sessions are paying off. I feel better, fitter and I can’t wait for the next session to arrive.
Pascal is a true inspiration, a real motivator, and his sessions are always different. They also allow for some changes, when I am under the weather or struggling with a particular exercise.
So the message is……get personal training with Pascal and live a longer, healthier and happier life, without ever getting bored again!”

K.B – Primary School Teacher

“I’ve chosen Pascal’s personal training sessions because I’ve always wanted to be trained under a “watchful experienced eye”. His enthusiasm and passion inspired me. He pushes me way beyond what I think I’m capable of, he will encourage when I needed, wind me up if necessarily and sometimes downright p*** me off but it works. I’m healthier, fitter and leaner than I was before. I’d like to continue what I achieved with his help. He told me that it’s not enough to love the body we’re in but to respect it too.”


M.R – Student

What sets Pascal apart from other personal trainers is he never says anything he doesn’t truly mean. He won’t tell you you’re looking slimmer if you’re not and he won’t tell you that you’re improving if you aren’t. It doesn’t matter how much you push him to give you praise, he will not do it if he doesn’t feel you deserve it. While this can be hard at first, particularly in the early stages, the moment he gives you a compliment, it is worth so much more than the empty praise you could get from another personal trainer. However, like all personal trainers, he will push you even harder the moment he sees that you can do more. But, being Pascal, he honestly means what he says. So when he puts that 16kg kettle bell in front of you and says he wants two whole minutes of double handed swinging from you, he’s not kidding. You may think you can’t do it, you can try to sweet talk him and bargain with him, but he won’t budge like some others might. He will stand there and get you to do it because he knows you can do it. The only one who doesn’t know it yet is you. And once you know that you can do it, your attitude to working out even harder becomes less ‘I can’t do it’ and more ‘There’s only one way to find out if I can do it’. Training with Pascal is the best thing you can do for your health, your confidence and for your outlook on going to the gym.”

C.F – Actor

“My training goal was a difficult one, as the time I had to complete it was only 8 weeks. I wanted to greatly increase my fitness, and become gym-proficient, so that I could go to the gym, and know how to use different equipment for different things, and have an effective work-out. Pascal worked out a programme for me that allowed me to do my own cardio before the session, as I was capable of doing that on my own. Our 30 minute sessions were intensive, straight to the point and packed a lot of punch. Comparing myself from the beginning to the end of the 8 weeks, I was very impressed. Lots of people commented on how good I was looking, and my trousers were fitting me better- I even dropped down a size!

The best thing about Pascal is his wealth of knowledge, and his friendly manner. He works you really hard, but if you are unable to do something, he knows plenty of alternatives, allowing you to build up to the hard stuff. I couldn’t recommend him more. If you are serious about getting fit, then get Pascal, because he knows what he is talking about, and you will sweat buckets in every session!”

V.R – Policewoman

“Pascal Sime has trained me over the past two years and within that time has transformed me from an individual who struggled to walk up a short hill into a completely different and improved individual with a high level of both physical and mental well-being and overall fitness.

Pascal practices what he preaches and any activity he throws at you has been thoroughly researched and tried and tested by himself. He takes the time to read literature and studies and through this provides no nonsense, dynamic, fun and effective training sessions. His genuine personal drive to improve his clients shows through during training sessions with him meeting individual needs and wishes through tailoring and adapting personal training plans to suit his individual clients and if at any point a way of training does not work he will try something new, a trait which hard to find in personal trainers.

I would highly recommend Pascal as he pushes you beyond what you believe are your capabilities but does it in a positive, supportive way which makes you feel entirely comfortable around him. If you are looking for training which is dynamic, interesting, effective and overall makes you look forward to you next training session, then Pascal Sime is your man… You won’t regret it!”

B.A – Sales Assistant

“ I have been a client of Pascal’s for more than 18 months and in that time my level of fitness has improved immeasurably which is in no small part down to the regular sessions I have with him. I had not used a personal trainer before and had visions of the sergeant-major type putting me through gruelling sessions. Pascal is not at all like that. He does push you but not beyond your limits while encouraging you every step of the way. 

In the 18 months I have been working with him I don’t think we have ever repeated a session with the same exercises. He ensures there is a constant variety working all parts of your body so there is no danger of getting bored ! It is obvious he is a keen student of personal fitness as he is always coming up with new exercises but only after he has spent time beforehand ensuring they are suitable.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


D.S – Student

Having had only basic knowledge of gym exercise I decided to seek the expertise of a personal trainer and found Pascal. We spoke of what my goals were; what my diet consisted of and how motivated I was to achieving those goals, even though training with Pascal is like going to the gym with a friend, he makes sure you are motivated ! Gradually I noticed improvements and was content with the direction my fitness was heading which is where I would typically have continued without change, Pascal recognised the need to increase my workout and was pro-active in helping me achieve my next set of goals. It is easy to go into a gym and get distracted; waste time and ultimately suffer in exercising properly, having Pascal really focuses you to train hard and utilise all of your gym time to its optimum. I would and have recommended Pascal to friends because I have learnt a lot from him and he made training motivational.”

N.M – Lawyer

“I’ve been doing PT with Pascal for around 18 months now. I have always enjoyed taking part in sport but nothing particularly competitive (just the odd road race/triathlon). Visits to the gym have always happened but without the discipline of PT I do struggle to make it a priority and for that reason I have had a number of PT instructors over the years across various gyms. PURE works well being 5 minutes walk from the office and I’m usually able to do PT Mondays at lunchtime.

I really enjoy, and feel I have benefited from, these regular PT sessions with Pascal. I’m certainly much fitter, stronger and more flexible than I was 18 months ago. The best part of the training is the range of exercises Pascal offers so individual sessions can be very different from each other. There’s usually a focus on exercises I wouldn’t be able or motivated to do myself which I really appreciate, and limited cardio stuff that I could do myself (its frustrating paying instructors to watch me doing things–eg 20 minute run/cycle/row– I can do myself)–the cardio we do every week is very much a 5 minute really short, sharp shock! We then typically do a lot of body weight and core stuff but mixed up from time to time with sessions focussing on heavy weights, longer cardio etc.

I would recommend PT to anyone wanting to take exercise seriously. I would also very much recommend Pascal–he pushes hard, always seems to gets more out of me than I’d swear possible and yet knows when enough’s enough, has a nice friendly manner but not intrusively so (its clearly a professional instructor/client relationship) and will listen if there are things I’d rather not do (usually kettle bells!) although to be honest requests from me are few and far between.”


L.M – Professor of Sociology

No two sessions are ever the same! No such thing as boredom or your body getting used to one way of working. Pascal’s sessions are innovative and challenging. My physical and mental strength have grown over 15 months of training with him. When I do other forms of exercise I know I cope much better. As a consequence my cardio fitness is better than it has been in 20 years of training! No exaggeration!! Kettle bells, TRX, hand weights, body weight exercises, training indoors and outdoors; combined my body and mind are kept sharp and the hour literally runs away. You will gain a new body shape and overall improvement in health. Recommended.”

R.W – Energy Analyst

Pascal is what I consider a personal trainer should be – motivating but at the same time he pushes you to your potential. I noticed I was much stronger at the end of my first 10 sessions and got great results. This got me prepared for finishing my half marathon. I like the fact that each session has a variety of exercises and is geared to your ability and determination (given I like being pushed to my max). Also, I think his costs are very reasonable and competitive for the quality of training you get.”


D.H – PR Consultant

I started training with Pascal just 5-6 weeks ago when I moved to Edinburgh. Pascal took time to understand my current regime and diet. Making me write down what I ate for a week was a scary thing when you saw it on paper. By also helping me sort my diet (I am now eating good food all day….) and by offering me a range of training, cardio, TRX, Kettlebells, weights etc I have noticed a huge difference in the first 5-6 weeks.
I would recommend Pascal as an excellent personal trainer.”

A.B – Anterior Design Business Strategist

Pascal is a friendly, motivating and rigorous personal trainer. Not only has he helped me achieve my target goals by providing consistent assistance, he has also given his input and provided support every time I have needed any. He is a kettlebell expert!!”


C.M – Account Executive

Pascal listens to me, taking on board my goals, likes and dislikes as well as pushing me to work harder and keep me motivated on my goals.”


M.A – Business Adviser

Pascal has helped me to focus on achieving my fitness targets which without his expert knowledge and understanding of my needs I would not have managed on my own.

Between weight loss, fitness level and giving me an insight as to what works well for my body I am committed to developing further. During sessions I can honestly say I felt every emotion from pain to gain and can’t thank you enough. I look forward to continuing our working relationship.”


C.C – Historian

Pascal knew his subject, planned carefully for each session and gave excellent feedback. It was fun working with him too.”