Since 2008, I have been coaching people to get closer to the things they want in life, by means of physical training. My vision for training was not directly about changing the way your body looked, eating better or running faster. It wasn’t about lifting more weight than the next person or having a better body.

Rather, it was about transforming your whole existence. Revolutionising yourself. Using training as a tool to help you achieve things in all areas of your life. To this day, my view remains the same.

My Point Of View

Training your body is training your ability to do well in life. You’re training your ability to be good at things. You’re training your ability to be determined, to be disciplined, to be tenacious and many other wonderful traits that are highly transferable to other seemingly non-related things in life.

I believe in continuing training (or more broadly speaking, movement) despite the ups and downs of life. While I can’t force anyone to believe the same, I can explain why I think so.

By training throughout the emotional ups and downs that life brings, you make a personal statement that you are going to look after yourself despite life’s circumstances. You are declaring that your health and taking care of yourself is so important, that you are willing to make a sacrifice in order to keep it a constant.

And Here Is Why

I am not of the opinion that everyone should train consciously as I do. I am however of the opinion that everyone should have a healthy movement life, if able. If you work at a desk 9 to 5 then go home and sit for hours before going to bed most days of the week, then there’s a problem. There are enough health issues that could come our way in life no matter what we do.  So whether you get your movement from consciously training in a gym, or from walking a lot, or playing sports, either way, we need movement.

Despite my views, training is not the number one thing in my life. But it’s important enough for it to be my career since 2008. It’s important enough for me to train five times a week & to eat well & healthily. But despite all this, it’s still not the most important thing in my life. It doesn’t have to be number one in your life to get amazing benefits from it, but I do believe it should be up there.

Some Pictures I Have Collected Over The Years