Discipline is a decision, and everyone has the ability to make this choice. People now have more distractions than ever. Many of the emotions you feel are based on the decisions you make, and discipline is the underlying layer to many of these emotions. Like the back two wheels of your car is what powers the vehicle.

You don’t need discipline when you have motivation, but when motivation runs out, which it will, you cant always chose to be motivated, but you can always choose to be disciplined.

So someone decides to get a new gym membership. They buy some new fitness clothes to match. They pay a personal trainer for a new gym programme. But as soon as the ball is in their court to start doing it, you never see them again. This happens all the time!

You can’t necessarily choose to be to be motivated in each moment. If you feel tired you can’t just decide to not be tired. What caused the tiredness came from your decisions. You can’t rely on motivation to be there all the time, you cant always depend on fun. You won’t always have ideal energy levels. Sometimes you will be busy from the second you wake up to the second you go to bed. Discipline isn’t an emotion, its something that will ALWAYS be there, its a choice. It is the back-seat driver to many of your emotions.

I’m not some hard drill Sargent shouting DISCIPLINE! over and over. This isn’t mindless exercise. If you exercise for fun and are not all that serious about it, then that’s fine! But if you are really interested in improving your health or changing your body, then depending on such a thing could make you an erratic exerciser.

Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, fat can come and go, circumstances change. But what lies beneath all this is cold, hard discipline. Which then points the finger at one person, you. Not the personal trainer, not the weather, not your friends and not a cancelled fitness class. People put their faith in new fitness gadgets, new diets and fitness magazines for motivation.

“Discipline means doing what needs to be done even when you don’t want to”